A downloadable game for Windows

Description: This is a little turn-based strategy game about a paperboat battle in open sea. Your objective is to destroy all enemy ships, while keeping your own fleet from being destroyed. The different ships in your fleet have different attributes, such as movement range, attack range, attack power, or the ability to move and attack on the same turn; use those in your favour!

Controls: Controls (also shown in-game) are quite simple. Use A & D to rotate camera, and your mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Left click on ships and cells to interact. Use Escape or the rudder button to pause the game, and Space Bar or the sandclock button to pass your turn.

Some technical observations about the game: Grid size and ship number are completely customizable. Initial positions are randomized every game so each game is different. AI is the most basic AI ever, due to lack of time.



Battlesheet (Win64) 273 MB


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Muy buen planteamiento, aunque no he podido terminar una partida entera porque se me atora el juego. Y para cerrarlo he tenido que darle ctrl alt supr, porque no iba más allá. Hace falta un pc de gamer de verdad para jugar a esto, no vale con uno de aficionados como el mío... 

Buen trabajo wapetoneh!